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Adhesives are used every day by millions and millions of people for numerous applications. Years ago, solvent adhesives are commonly used for daily adhesive needs. More recently water based adhesives are popular, owing to its low toxicity and lower cost.

In the transition from solvent based adhesives to non-toxic water based adhesives, however, it is not totally without short-comings. There are certain unmet performance needs:

  1. Water based adhesives require longer drying time before the bond can be formed. No instant tack.
  2. After spreading on a surface, the adhesive would dry out after a certain period of time, and lose its adhesion property.
  3. Water in the adhesive would wrinkle most papers.

The above short-comings are partially addressed by using a pressure sensitive adhesive label with a release liner.

The release liner, however, is more expensive than the pressure sensitive label itself, and is discarded after the adhesive is used. This is a huge waste of natural resources and is detrimental to our environment.

At Innoglue Inc., we are a group of dedicated polymer scientists and engineers who have conducted adhesive research and development for many years. Our objectives are to eliminate the toxicity of solvent adhesives and to overcome the performance short comings of current water based adhesives, such as long set-time and paper wrinkling.

Our first product, the Innoglue Spread Thin Glue, is a water based “glue concentrate” which provides instant tack and wrinkle free paper bonding with only a very thin layer of adhesive.

Innoglue forms a layer of tacky surface instantly when it is spread thin, and can be used at any time afterward, without losing tack. The final adhesion is strong.

Since only a very thin layer of adhesive is needed to glue papers, Innoglue is actually a very economical adhesive.

Innoglue is based on a patent-pending emulsion polymer technology. This new technology can be applied to a variety of new adhesives to provide break-through performance.

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